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Cannabis plant

We are what's next in cannabis.

CannTx is setting new standards of quality for medicinal and recreational cannabis products through a distinct blend of science, technology and innovation.

Our Story
Cannabis plant

Our Story

Elevating Canadian cannabis.

Founded in Guelph, Ontario – a mecca for agri-business, biotechnology and environmental innovation – we’ve spent the last decade improving how cannabis is produced and understood

Our Technology

Our Technology

  • No spin. Just science.

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    For us, R&D isn’t just good PR. It’s in our DNA. We are all about evidence-based technologies that combine the power of micropropagation with the efficiency of vertical farming.

    Our proprietary cannabis production technology produces better quality, yield, and standardization when compared to traditional cultivation methods.

How it works

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Tissues from carefully selected cannabis plants are regenerated into plantlets using micropropagation technology. This ensures clean and consistent inputs for commercial production.

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Micropropagated plantlets are grown using LED-enabled vertical farming technology and innovative indoor environmental controls. This significantly increases efficiency and productivity.

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Once plants reach maturity, they are harvested and finished to ensure quality and consistency both within and between batches. This produces the highest quality floral products.


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